Gorilla Glue Review – Does it Really Work?

By John Cruz

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There are many mixed Gorilla Glue reviews because many of its users have had different results for a few reasons.

Some might not have used the glue properly, while others think this glue will fix anything and everything.

So if you are under the impression that this will do some kind of magic, you might want to read through this review to better understand what it can do.

For something that “bonds virtually anything” might be a bit much and very “As Seen on TV,” but I think you might be slightly impressed.

Then again, you might be like those who are very unhappy with this product, but that’s just how it is.

Before you make any assumptions, please read this post in its entirety, as there is more to it than just trying to bond two things together.

Will this be the best glue ever, or will it just be another overhyped product that you need to avoid?

Let’s get into things so you can better understand what you are about to get, as I’m sure you don’t feel like throwing away any money today.

Gorilla Glue Review – Product Overview


Glue has come a long way, and I can remember the first time I got my hands (literally) into some Krazy Glue.

My curiosity and lack of knowledge led me to have my fingers stuck together, along with a whole lot of panic.

Eventually, I got my fingers apart, and then I was stuck with the hard, dried-up glue that took days to come off.

But before you think I’m inexperienced and not the handiest of handymen, do know that I was about 6 years old and was doing something I should’ve never been doing in the first place.

Fast forward to today, and we have an abundance of glue that comes with its claims, all while leaving us thinking about what is really the best.

From the Krazy glue that I was so used to growing up to the popular Flex glue to the Gorilla Glue I am about to review, they probably round up the top 3.

So before you buy Gorilla glue or any kind of glue for that matter, let me give you everything you need to know about this product so you can decide if this is the right product for your next project.

First, Does Gorilla Glue Even Work?


Such a loaded question, and you can expect about a 70/30 ratio for users who say it works.

Personally, I have not only experienced both sides of the argument, and I had two different results with the two times I tried to use the glue.

The problem I encountered was some baseboard that was coming undone in my house, and I figured a nice, more solid glue would do the trick, and that’s when I decided to try this one.

The first time I used it, I didn’t get the desired result, but that didn’t make me write this glue off as I didn’t even read the instructions.

Bad idea.

After reading the instructions and FOLLOWING EVERYTHING it says, I must say that everything went as planned.

So for the baseboard to stick to the wall was pretty impressive, but it did take some learning to get things down pat (or packed, depending on your preference).

So before you go writing any negative reviews about this product, let me give you some very valuable information that you absolutely, positively need.

Before You Buy Gorilla Glue

Gorilla glue is not your ordinary glue, and there are some little things that need to be followed, or you won’t get your desired result.

Before that, you need to take into consideration the type of material that you will be gluing together and the kind of object you will be working with.

I know it is a little complicated, but this is something you need to remember, or you will not accomplish your mission.

So before you think this will not work for you, here are some of the basics that need your attention.

There are Different Types of Gorilla Glue


For the purpose of this review, I am focusing more on the original, all-purpose Gorilla glue that is very common and mostly used by most households.

For other job and material-specific type projects, you can select the ideal glue and see that in the chart above.

For the all-purpose glue, you can use this on almost anything, but it is not recommended on paper and rubber.

It might sound like the glue isn’t as strong because of those materials but for paper?

I’m sure some Elmer’s glue will do the job.

This glue is for something more serious like ceramic, wood, and metal.

But before you can put some pieces back together, there are some very specific instructions that others don’t follow, which is the same reason why they claim that Gorilla glue does not work.

Follow Instructions


I know you’re thinking this is a very basic product that requires no skills whatsoever, but it’s a little more complicated than you think.

Kind of.

Don’t follow instructions, and you might just be added to all the negative reviews on the web.

Or you can follow them, and you might just be impressed with what they can really do.

Before applying anything, you will need to dampen both sides of whatever it is you will be gluing.

Once that is done, you can then put the glue and immediately bond them.

Next, you will need to remember that this will take a lot more time than Krazy glue, so don’t think that it will get the job done in a matter of seconds or even minutes.

The drying and curing process is going to take a total of at least one hour of clamping time and then around 24 hours just for it to cure at 100%.

If you can follow these simple instructions, you will have better results.

What Else to Lookout For

Please follow the instructions and don’t rush anything.

Get the right materials needed to complete the job (water and something to keep the broken pieces in place), and don’t think that holding it with your hands will be easy.

And if your skin gets in contact with the glue, it will feel like you have some tree sap that will not be the easiest thing to come off.

If you get Gorilla Glue stuck on your hands, try this resource and see if it helps.

Using this glue will require a lot of patience and following instructions, so be prepared.

When the glue does dry, it will become like hard plastic, so don’t use too much if it isn’t necessary.

The glue (when used properly) is very strong and will bond things a lot better than most other glues, which comes from experience.

The Price

Gorilla glue is very affordable, and you will get what you pay for.

A 2 oz bottle of Gorilla glue will cost you a little less than $5, but you can also get it in packs of 2, 4, and 10.

There are two colors, so you can either get it in brown or white, which will dry to that color.

I always recommend Amazon.com for those who shop online, as Amazon Prime members usually get a better deal and some free shipping on most products.

Final Verdict: Works!

So as long as you understand everything that I have mentioned in this review, you can bet that Gorilla glue will work.

When they say “industrial strength,” you better believe that you are dealing with some glue that does the work of what a commercial product will do.

I recommend this to anyone considering the glue, but please follow the instructions.

Gorilla Glue Review – Conclusion

Definitely a great buy and is great for almost everything that breaks around the house.

If you want to survive in this modern world, glue will be a big part of “mending” many things.

I’m not a fan of hype and jazz, but I think these guys actually deliver on their claims of what their product can do.

I give Gorilla glue 4.5/5 stars, and I recommend it over any other glue out there.

For other smaller type jobs, you might want to try their “super glue” version as it works great for smaller projects, dries faster, and is also really strong.

Besides that, I hope this review has helped you understand a lot more of what you will be getting.

Great job on researching and being a smart shopper, as most people will buy without doing what you just did.

If you have any questions about this or any other glue, for that matter, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Gorilla Glue Review – Does it Really Work?”

  1. Sorry, but this isn’t a very good or particularly useful review of original Gorilla Glue. One of the most important features of Gorilla Glue (original) is the expansion. They claim that the expansion ratio is 3:1, but this is mostly meaningless because the expansion depends on the amount of clamping force. If it squeezes out of the crack the expansion is probably more like 10:1. The expansion action pushes the pieces further apart. As such the only scenario where it is the least bit useful is when you are able to apply very high clamping force, and in very many household scenarios this just isn’t an option. If you have two surfaces that don’t meet up very well and you need something to fill the gap, epoxy is a much, much better option. Epoxy neither shrinks nor expands. It will fill gaps but won’t work its way out and create a mess and won’t push the pieces further apart. The need to carefully mix the two parts together is often perceived as a hassle, but it isn’t that big of a deal and the typical results are vastly superior to the mess you end up with, with original Gorilla Glue. Polyurethane is sometimes said to have the advantage of adhering to most anything, but in fact it does not adhere to slippery plastics and for any specific kind of object that you need to glue, there are other options that adhere as well as polyurethane, if not better than polyurethane. All in all, original Gorilla Glue is a decidedly inferior solution to almost any project. Which is why there are so many people who say that they tried it once but then tossed the remainder of the bottle in the trash and swore never to use it again. The superior kind of glue for almost any project is epoxy. It neither shrinks nor expands, and you can find epoxy that will adhere to whatever you want, and epoxy with the curing time you desire, and epoxy that is clear if you want clear. The only thing you can’t have with epoxy is flexibility after it cures. You don’t get this with original Gorilla Glue either. This is pretty much the only scenario where epoxy isn’t the best option and you need to look at something else.


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