Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide: Get the Best For Your Home

By John Cruz

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This best vacuum cleaner buying guide will show you what you need to look for when buying your next vacuum cleaner.

Most people think it’s no big deal until they find themselves needing a lot more or even having too much vacuum.

There are certain things that each household needs when choosing a vacuum cleaner, or you’ll find yourself scratching your head later.

That’s what happened to me the other day when I was faced with a whole line of vacuum cleaners.

I literally stood there for over half an hour looking at, feeling, holding, and comparing prices.

I’d put one box in my cart and head to the register just to turn around and look at another vacuum.

That’s the kind of headache you will deal with if you were me, but thankfully so, you’re doing your research.

Before you head out to buy your next vacuum cleaner, let’s get into what you need to consider.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide – Things to Consider


Before you buy your next vacuum cleaner, there are several things you need to ask yourself and/or think about.

Most people buy vacuums simply because they are cheaper and don’t think about what they will use them for.

That’s okay, but you don’t want to spend a good amount of money on something that doesn’t perform when you can get one for just an extra $20 or something.

To think that buying a vacuum cleaner is so simple and then you encounter many problems.

Since vacuums were invented, things have changed a whole lot, which is a huge part of why buying a vacuum is so complicated.

Before you go scratching your head, consider these vacuum buying tips.

What Will You Be Vacuuming?

I know it sounds stupidly simple, but what will you be using your soon-to-be new vacuum cleaner for?

Are you going to use it for a whole house that is carpeted?

Small rugs?

Mostly floors?

Do you plan on using it for your vehicle, or do you have a separate one for that?

Look at your house and see what it has the most of.

From there, you can get a general idea of the type of vacuum you will need.

Don’t think that all vacuums are created equal; you can make it work because that’s not how it works.

How Big is Your House?


If you have a big house, you’ll need one heck of a vacuum cleaner.

You’ll need one that can handle all that sucking, as you can’t afford to go over the same spot repeatedly just to get it cleaned.

You’re going to need a vacuum that has a really long chord or a really good battery.

If you have lots of stuff to suck, you’ll need a vacuum that can store lots of dust and debris.

Everything seems so simple until you think of all these things, right?

Big house = Very good vacuum cleaner.

Do not settle for anything else, or you’ll waste your money and still have a dirty house.

Do You Have Pets?


Having pets changes a lot of your vacuum buying decisions.

Pet hair is not the same as dust, and it’s not one that you can take lightly.

You need a vacuum cleaner designed for pets and nothing else.

The best part about pet vacuum cleaners is that they’re good for more than just pet hair.

If something can suck pet hair, you can bet it will suck other things.

Get a vacuum cleaner that isn’t designed for pet hair, and you’ll find yourself wondering if your vacuum cleaner even works.

How Many People in Your Household?

When you travel or even do a staycation, things are much easier when there are only two people.

Add just one more person, and things become that much more complicated.

Add four kids as we have, and boy does it change everything.

You need more food, more space, and more of everything.

More of everything comes with more mess.

So, guess what?

You will need a vacuum cleaner that can handle a lot.

One of those basic vacuum cleaners you see on sale all the time will not cut it.

You need something that can get the job done without a doubt.

What’s Your Budget?

Not all budgets are created equal.

Some of us are a lot broker than others, some work harder, and some of us are stay-at-home dads.

Regardless of what we do and how much money we make, there is a budget that each of us has.

However, sometimes you need to consider what you’re buying, regardless of how much you have to spend on a specific item.

Vacuum cleaners just so happen to be one of them.

The very first vacuum cleaner I got was on Black Friday.

It was $60 but used to sell for $180.

When you see all that savings, you automatically think you’re getting a steal.

Of course, I was wrong.

That was one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made in my life, but it’s also one I can learn from.

NEVER buy a vacuum cleaner just because it’s at an unbelievable price.

If you have to, save up some money and get one that you know will do the job.

Understand “Sales”


Sales are great but not for everything.

And that includes vacuum cleaners.

Like the first vacuum cleaner I ever bought, there’s a reason why these things are marked down so low.

The biggest reason is that the product probably sucks.

No one wants them, and they actually want to get rid of them.

That happened when I purchased an air humidifier (that was on sale), and it also happened when I bought that stinkin vacuum cleaner.

Be very cautious when something is on sale, or you’ll give your hard-earned money away.

The next time you see a “sale,” think about what I just said.

Conclusion – Think Before Buying Your Next Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums are an investment and one that needs some serious thought.

I know it’s hard to spend $300 on a vacuum cleaner, but sometimes it’s your best option.

Not only are you getting a trustworthy product, but most of them come with a sweet warranty.

Those cheap vacuums that you see don’t come with a warranty, and I’m sure you don’t care because you didn’t spend that much on them.

Don’t think that way.

Remember that not only are you making an investment, but you’re getting something that’s supposed to help you clean your house.

Your kids need to breathe fresh air, and it’s not going to happen with some cheap vacuum cleaner.

Take the time to think before buying your next vacuum cleaner and consider it an investment rather than something you feel you need just because you live in a house.

I hope these vacuum buying tips help and you can confidently buy your next vacuum cleaner.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to get a vacuum that really sucks.


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