Groomatic Review: 5 Reasons Your Cat Needs This

By John Cruz

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There are many things you need to know about cats, and the fact that they shed hair at a crazy rate is just one of them.

If you got a cat, or two, or three, as we did, this Groomatic review is for you.

We have been cat owners for over two years now, and I never saw us owning one, to begin with.

I used to categorize myself as a “dog person,” but I guess having a daughter changes a lot of things.

Now, guess who’s changing kitty litter, feeding a fat cat at 2 am, and now dealing with two cats?

This guy.

Yup, I have to deal with the responsibilities that come with being a cat owner and one very annoying thing that some of you cat people might actually enjoy.

Leg rubbing.

This is where a cat rubs against your legs, usually when you come home or walk around their feeding grounds.

I know, I know, our cats want attention, and they also might be telling you that they’re hungry, but to me, it gets pretty annoying.

Especially after you’ve fed them, and they’d rather rub up against your legs instead of having you pet them with your hands.

That’s another weird thing about cats and why you might want something like the Groomatic.

This Groomatic review will show you why I personally like this product and why I decided to back it on Kickstarter.

Groomatic Review – Product Overview

What There is to Like About Groomatic

Groomatic is the latest crowdfunded product from Kickstarter, designed to help your cat get its petting fix.

I know our legs seem to be the best thing for our cats to rub up against, but that’s because they don’t have Groomatic.

For those of you who like or dislike this type of petting, I’m sure you’ll like what a simple product like Groomatic can do.

Here are some of the key features that Groomatic has, and why you might just want to get this for your cat.

Groomatic Grooms Your cat


Yup, captain obvious is here.

But, Groomatic doesn’t just groom your cat.

It does it in a way that THEY like.

Believe it or not, some cats don’t like it when you use your hands to pet them.

They’d rather do it themselves, and that’s why they like your legs.

But what if you’re not around?

That’s when Groomatic comes into play.

Similar to a scratch pad, your cat can go up to Groomatic whenever it wants or feels the need to get groomed.

They rub their fur on Groomatic, and it gives them a nice massage that your legs can’t give.

Groomatic Rotates Clockwise and Counter Clockwise

Yup, another amazing fact about Groomatic.

However, you might be pleased to know that this little feature will have your cat thinking they got something new.

One day they’re going in one direction, and another day things have changed.

I like to look at it as if you were to rearrange your house.

Even if you already have the best setup possible, you change things around so you can get that feeling of getting something new.

Cats think the same way, and that’s why this feature is great.

It Attaches Almost Anywhere


Groomatic can attach to a wall, but sometimes drilling holes in them is not something we want to do.

Especially if you’re renting, and your landlord doesn’t want you poking holes everywhere.

With Groomatic, you can attach it to a wall, a piece of furniture, and even to a lamp.

Just like how the rotating feature gives your cat that new feeling, you can put Groomatic in different parts of your room to give them more of that new feeling.

Helps Keep Your Cat Busy

Cats love rubbing your legs, and although you probably can’t stop them from doing that, Groomatic can help by giving them other options.

There are many reasons why cats rub your legs, but for comfort purposes, Groomatic can lessen the time they rub on your legs.

Groomatic will give your cat an alternative, but it also serves as another activity.

As we all know, a scratch pad, some cat toys, and your legs aren’t enough to keep them busy.

Let Groomatic help you and give your cat something else to play with.

Groomatic Reduces Cat Hair


If you own a cat and don’t have cat hair problems, kudos to you.

If you do have cat hair problems, I feel your pain.

We got a cat thinking they would shed less hair than dogs, and boy was we wrong.

Not only do they shed hair, but they shed a lot of it, and it gets everywhere.

It’s on our furniture, every accessory we have, the clothes we’re wearing, and even the clothes that we’re not wearing.

Cat hair is a problem, and Groomatic can help control it.

Groomatic is Crowd Funded

Remember that Groomatic is a crowdfunded product.

The idea is presented, and production will not start until the company has reached its goal by a certain date.

With Groomatic, their goal of raising $10,094 by March 2022 has been met, so they should have started by now.

Not only did they meet their goal, but they’ve exceeded it by a landslide.

The company has also created other products, so you can put your mind at ease, knowing that they have a reputation to protect.

The Price & Shipping For Groomatic

If you want to back this project, it will cost you $50.

For that price, you get the Groomatic, a wall mounting kit, some sticky pads that you can use to stick Groomatic on smooth surfaces, and even some cable ties to mount it on thinner objects.

Groomatic ships to anywhere in the world, but it won’t be shipping out for a few months.

Being that it is a Kickstarter project, production only started when they met their initial goal.

They are in the works as of writing this Groomatic review, so back this project, and you’ll be on their shipping list.

Where to Buy Groomatic

Like all Kickstarter projects, you won’t find Groomatic on the shelves of any stores.

They usually don’t end up in stores, but if it does what Subsafe did, then we might see them on shelves by next year.

For now, if you want a Groomatic, you will have to place an order on Kickstarter.

Conclusion – Back the Groomatic Project

Although I only got our cats for my kids, I have to deal with their needs and comforts.

Finding cat trees, cat food, and kitty litter is what I have to do, and finding toys and things like Groomatic.

With the way at least one of our cats act, I think Groomatic will be something she enjoys.

Maybe not our other cat, but I know Lilly will like Groomatic.

For those of you cat owners who have leg-loving cats, I think Groomatic will be one of the better investments of the year.

I hope this Groomatic review has given you a better understanding of what you can expect if you were to buy this product.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget that your cats need love too.


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  1. Hey John! I just wanted to let you know that I am a kickstarter backer for this product. My cat recently passed away. I asked to have a refund and Anna said no and hoped I could understand their position financially. AT NO POINT did she even offer sympathy for my loss. I would not recommend this company; and the quality of the product is yet to be seen. It’s not even in production yet.

    • So sorry to hear that Michelle but thanks for sharing. I know we all want to support these crowdfunded products, but if these people keep messing things up for everyone, they might just stop everything completely. Do you have any updates?


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