How to Deal With the Coronavirus as a Parent

By John Cruz

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There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has done a lot of damage.

It has killed many, has made many ill, and it has caused complete panic in the world.

With kids, dealing with such an issue is not the easiest thing and of course, I can relate.

As time goes on and you see all the headlines, things seem to only get worse.

But what does that mean for you as a parent?

Well, it does mean that you need to go about life with some caution but not panic like everyone else is doing.

And no, it does not mean you should go out there and fight over toilet tissue.

There is a lot of stuff that you should and should not do and what you see on TV is not helping.

With such negativity and cause of panic, let me give you some words that can help you deal with this whole Coronavirus issue at hand.

Coronavirus Awareness

Tell your kids all about the virus and what it does and what it can do.

Don’t leave them in the dark.

If you don’t know much about the Coronavirus, now would be a great time to do your research.

This article from the Australian government has a very good explanation, so check that out before you go acting like the expert.

Get to understand and know what the virus is and then share it with your children.

All you need is a very basic understanding and you should be fine.

This article is not to tell you expert advice on the virus but rather to help you handle the situation a lot better than most.

Take it Seriously

The Coronavirus is a big deal.

It affects everyone and can be a serious matter for some.

The problem is not about that though but rather how people treat it like it’s nothing.

“It can’t happen to me” is what everyone thinks until you see people like Tom Hanks tweeting about it on social media.

The biggest example of what not to do comes from the NBA star center, Rudy Gobert.

Not only did he set that example but he has changed the world of sports and the world as a whole.

This showed people that this is a serious matter and the fact that in fact, it can happen to anyone.

To take things seriously does not mean just being stupid either.

It also includes doing things like staying home and not traveling.

Be responsible and set that better example for your children because they’re not getting it from the people they look up to.

That family vacation can wait.

Practice Better Hygiene

I couldn’t figure out whether to place this in front of the next topic as they go hand in hand.

Hygiene is a must in regular life but in times like this, you might want to bump it up a bit.

Take regular showers and wash your hands as much as possible.

Hand sanitizers are also great but please do things in a very responsible way.

By being responsible does not mean being like a good majority of people who are doing the same exact point I’m about to get into next.

Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, but don’t do it in a way like you’re just crazy or something.

Those masks can help but your best bet is just to stay home, at least for now.

Let things settle down, practice better hygiene, and soon enough things will get better.

And please clean your house, your cars, and where ever else you find yourself being at a lot.

Hygien, hygiene, hygien.

Do Not Panic

This is by far the most important thing you need to do and teach to your kids.

Do not panic.

Don’t tell them that but you as the parent need to be the one to SHOW IT.

Panic has caused a lot of uneasiness in everything we do.

Grocery stores, restaurants, banks, and of course airports.

People are panicking and acting like it’s the end of the world.

They’re stocking up on whatever others say you need to get and they’re even fighting.

Yup, they’re straight-up fighting.

You do not need to go out there and try to buy every last roll of toilet paper unless you want to be broke and have a warehouse of it when the dust settles.

Relax and be normal.

If you just so happen to run out of toilet paper and some woman decided to buy every single roll, jump in the shower and wash your behind.

Do not be a part of the problem and stay calm.

Don’t Give Into the Media

We all know how crazy and exaggerated the news makes things.

The thing is that they are telling us the truth but they just go about things in a way that no one will ever agree with.

Now, do you know why they do such nonsense?

Because they need the ratings and viewership that all lead to one thing.


So yes, follow what they are covering but don’t let a simple headline cause you to panic.

It’s just stupid.

Know that they are simply there to make money but don’t make them get you scared.

Conclusion – Be Normal

There’s no other way for me to put all this madness in order than to tell you to live your life normally but with caution.

Stay home a lot more and try to avoid large crowds.

If you are sick, give your doctor a call and explain everything to them.

You do not need to go in as the best practice right now is to quarantine yourself.

They will give you further guidance but please do not panic.

Sneezing and coughing are the best ways to spread this disease, so be responsible and respectful and do not head into the world like you’re the only one living.

Remember that you are setting the example for your kids, so before you go telling them what to do, you need to show them instead.

I’m sure things will get better but for now, you need to do your part and do what I just mentioned.

No one is immune to this virus and ANYONE can get it, so don’t go thinking that you’re untouchable.

Until things settle down, be smart, don’t make stupid decisions, and everything will be just fine.


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