Egg Sitter Cushion Review: Does it Really Work?

By John Cruz

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Welcome to my Egg Sitter cushion review.

I’m sure you’ve seen the fancy test with the egg and now you’re wondering if this is something you should invest in.

That’s what I thought but it wasn’t even the egg that caught my attention.

It wasn’t my back or aching muscles either.

It is simply the fact that I have a boney behind that gets irritated from sitting things like bleachers and extra hard chairs.

Whether it be solid wood or those aluminum ones with the lines, there is a lot of discomfort that goes on when I sit on those things.

It’s so bad, to the point that I’d rather stand.

That’s one option or I can buy something like the Egg Sitter gel cushion.

So after dealing with it for a couple of games, I finally went with option 2 and got the Egg Sitter.

Okay, I didn’t get one until the season actually ended but I did end up getting one

I know, it’s a little late but whatever.

I do have one for any other future games or as a nice little add-on to my office chair.

After sitting for hours and testing the Egg Sitter, I am now able to give you a little insight into what I really think about it.

I’m not one to boast or praise any item simply because it’s new, so you can expect a whole lotta honesty and a lot less ooohs and ahhhs.

So before you go spending that hard-earned money of yours, let’s see if this is really something worth buying.


Egg Sitter Cushion Review – Product Overview

Name: Egg Sitter

Maker: BulbHead

Best Place to

Price: $39.99 + S&H

Overall Rating4/5 stars

I’m an absolute sucker for As Seen on TV products and that is what the Egg Sitter cushion is. The problem with these types of products is the fact that a lot of them suck. What’s great about the Egg Sitter cushion is that it isn’t one of them. It is a great product, does what it’s supposed to do, and is also affordable. Don’t fall for knockoffs, and you’ll love the Egg Sitter.

What is the Egg Sitter?

The Egg Sitter is an “astonishingly comfortable cushion” that you place on any seat or anywhere you sit, to assist with back pain and muscle aches.

It is another As Seen On TV product that comes with poor acting and over-exaggerated reactions.

It was created by the fine folks at BulbHead, who are also responsible for creating other ASOTV products that have been around for years.

So for all your uncomfortable sitting needs, Egg Sitter is here to help.

Or you can be like me and use it for the boney behind that you have that has you moving all over the place, trying to get comfortable.

Trying to sit on one cheek doesn’t work and moving around probably makes it worse.

So instead of dealing with whatever issues you might have, that’s what the Egg Sitter gel cushion is here for.

Egg Sitter Claims


The most popular claim from the Egg Sitter is that you can sit on an egg and it will not break.

I will give you the results for that claim a little further into this Egg Sitter cushion review.

For now, that’s just one of the selling points for this product

The Egg Sitter cushion is also claimed to help you with backaches.

The cushion offers softness to your backside, which then helps you avoid back pain.

The Egg Sitter cushion is also supposed to absorb pressure points, which again, helps with all kinds of pain.

With its honeycomb design, it is supposed to help the cushion and yourself stay cool.

This also helps with the circulation of air.

The Egg Sitter cushion is also supposed to be strong and durable, which I must say is actually true.

When it comes to seat cushions, you usually expect them to flatten out and become a part of your chair.

The Egg Sitter cushion doesn’t do that and is probably the best thing about this product.

It does stay cool and lives up to the rest of its claims.

Does the Egg Sitter Cushion Work?

I don’t know what “works” means but I can say that it is actually very, very comfortable.

My office chair is comfortable enough but I find myself having to get up after like an hour’s worth of sitting.

Using the Egg Sitter did help me sit down longer but I still got up anyways.

Is the Egg Sitter gel cushion comfortable?

It sure is.

Can you sit on an egg without it breaking?

You actually can.

My boney butt sat on an egg with the Egg Sitter and low and behold, it did not break.

I personally don’t think that’s a way to test comfort but at the very least, the egg will not break.

What I did look for was what the Egg Sitter gel cushion can withstand.

With hours of sitting and months of wear and tear, the Egg Sitter actually held up.

It didn’t flatten out and it didn’t get less cushiony either.

So yes, the Egg Sitter does work.

What I Really Like


You have to keep in mind that the Egg Sitter gel cushion is not the only one of its kind out there.

There are several others that do a great job but there are several reasons why I actually like it more.

For one, its size is perfect.

It fits on all the chairs I use and is big enough for I’d say, 99% of the butts out there.

Compared to other seat cushion-type products, the Egg Sitter is the best.

The Royal Purple Seat cushion is similar but is beyond big.

It can’t fit all chairs and is too big to carry around.

Definitely not good to bring outside the home but that’s why there’s the Egg Sitter cushion.

The Price & Where to Buy

I purchased my Egg Sitter at the Navy Exchange, but I’m sure not everyone can go on there.

You can find some deals here and there but the price will usually end up being the same thanks to the shipping and handling.

You can get it on Amazon and get same-day shipping if you are a Prime members

But I’m sure you will find it at Walmart and other local stores in your area, as I always see them around.

Don’t forget that others try to make cushions that look like the Egg Sitter, so make sure you get the Bulbhead brand.

Egg Sitter Cushion Reviews


Overall, Egg Sitter has a ton of positive reviews.

Lots of people like it, they recommend it, and they have no complaints.

On the other hand, you will always have those that don’t care much for it and also have their two cents.

Some think the Egg Sitter cushion is “too small”.

Some have also reported getting the “wrong product”, so please make sure you’re purchasing the Egg Sitter cushion from the right place.

Personally, I think it does at least a decent job and it will definitely make you a lot more comfortable.

Egg Sitter Alternatives

Like I mentioned earlier in this Egg Sitter cushion review, there are many others like it.

However, there are only a few that can actually compete with what it can really do.

When I think of seat cushions that aren’t the Egg Sitter, there are two others that come to mind.

The Royal Purple seat cushion was created by the creators of the Purple mattress and the Amazon Comfilife seat cushion.

They are the other two seat cushions I recommend and ones you might consider as well.

The Royal Purple seat cushion is very similar to the Egg Sitter and is also affordable.

Amazon’s Comfilife is a bit different in terms of style but it also has a lot of good reviews.

It’s of course sold on Amazon and has many other uses than just for a chair.

I have personally not tried these two but I will definitely be giving them a shot.

Egg Sitter Cushion Review – Conclusion


I personally like Egg Sitter.

It does what it claims to do and boy does it help with the butt that I don’t have.

So if you are looking to add some cushion to your office chair, your car, or some bleachers like I do, I think the Egg Sitter is worth buying.

It’s not the cheapest but with its durability, I’m sure it is better than having to buy another one later on down the road.

I give the Egg Sitter cushion 4 out of 5 stars and I think it’s worth the buy.

Other than that, I hope this Egg Sitter cushion review has given you more than enough information so that you can make a wiser decision on your own.

Do you have any experience with this?

We would like to hear all about it, so please do share in the comments section below.


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6 thoughts on “Egg Sitter Cushion Review: Does it Really Work?”

  1. I’ve had my Bulbhead egg sitter for about 5 years and use it on a wood library chair much like the one in the photo. The chair you use it on will influence how it feels and for me it works best on a wood chair with a shallow contour, or on a very dense piece of foam, rather than upholstery or any kind of chair with a deeper contour or too much flex in it.

    I use it for the same reason as the author — bony rear. For me, I’ve never used any cushion before that is this comfortable. Although it has a cover, I made an extra cover for it out of an old thick soft wool sweater and that makes it feel even better, especially in winter but I like it in summer also.

    Also, I got mine new on Ebay for $23 although about the lowest price I’ve seen it since is $30. Make sure you get the Bulbhead brand, as that is the original one. Some of the imitations might be cheaper and okay, but many of them will not be as good.

  2. I am very impressed by this review, and I have a question I need to ask you, would this product successfully work on a farm tractor or on a lawn tractor,, as the review says, I find myself moving from Cheek to cheek searching for comfort.


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