WonderFold Wagon Review: 7 Things You Need to Know

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If you’re on the fence about buying this not-so-cheap wagon/stroller, this Wonderfold wagon review will give you insight into why I think this is one of the better investments for your family.

As parents of kids who take on soccer and other outdoor activities, we regularly use wagons.

We’ve used our mesh RadioFlyer wagon, but there are always limits.

It holds the stuff we need, plus one human (our daughter), but sometimes we need a little more from what it can do.

I find myself lifting on the wagon and being extra careful when going over uneven surfaces.

I know it sounds bratty, but I knew there had to be something out there that could haul around our stuff and still give us that peace of mind when tackling different terrain.

There is a solution to one of our first-world problems, and it’s all thanks to the creators of the WonderFold wagon.

WonderFold Wagon Review – Product Overview

Things to Know About WonderFold Wagon

The WonderFold wagon is pretty exciting, and I’m sure you can see it for yourself.

There’s a lot to see from the outside, but there are other not-so-obvious things you should know before buying the WonderFold wagon.

Hopefully, it helps you make a better buying decision, as I’m sure you don’t want to have any regrets.

1. The WonderFold Wagon is a stroller


Yup, the WonderFold wagon is actually a stroller.

All this means is that you will be investing in more than just a wagon or vice versa.

We’ve spent a good amount of money on baby strollers, and as the financial guru of the family, I always found it to be one of those investments I was never pleased with.

I guess I was so used to the $100 strollers we got when we had our first child.

This leads me to another thing you should know about the WonderFold Wagon.

2. The WonderFold Wagon is Not Cheap

I know some of you thought a couple of hundred dollars is all you were going to spend, and that’s because we’re not used to giving an arm and a leg for something like a stroller or a wagon.

That’s not the case with the WonderFold wagon, and it’s something you should know so you’re not surprised when it comes time to purchase.

The average cost of a stroller is between $50 and $300.

But, these days, so many strollers try to come off as luxurious and at a jacked-up price.

Then again, some of these costly strollers are worth it as they are very durable and can climb through different terrain with ease.

That’s what you can expect with the WonderFold wagon, so don’t count it out just because of its not so affordable price.

3. There Are Different Wagons to Choose From


Most of you already know this, but it’s worth adding to this WonderFold wagon review due to the crazy pricing differences.

If I’m going to spend more than a hundred bucks on something, I want to make sure it’s a worthwhile investment.

There are quite a bunch with the WonderFold wagon lineup, and they range from $289 – $899.


Pricing might seem up there but put WonderFold next to a $500 pair of shoes, and you’ll see that it’s not that bad.

With WonderFold, though, you get to choose from 7 different wagon strollers.

On top of that, there are other ways to give your wagon a different look.

4. WonderFold Has Tons of Extras

When you look at something as simple as a wagon, you can’t think of anything else to add to it.

That’s until you see WonderWagon’s accessories page.

Then, you start “adding to cart,” and you’re spending way more than expected.

However, these extras are things you probably will want or need, and it’s friendlier on your wallet as well.

Some of the things you can get:

  • Cupholder
  • Snack tray
  • Stroller hooks
  • Cooler bag
  • Travel cover
  • Pull handle
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Retractable stroller canopy
  • Different types of fans
  • Power bank
  • Cargo net
  • All-weather mat
  • Stroller wagon mittens
  • Shopping basket
  • Mosquito net
  • Rain covers

You can add several other things to your WonderFold wagon, but these are some worth noting.

Oh, and these wagons have a cool doggy door that allows your kids to quickly and safely get in and out of your wagon.

5. Shipping is Most Likely Delayed


The world is having shipping problems, and it’s not just for specific products.

Our local grocery stores had issues with getting produce, Spimbey is having trouble shipping out their playsets, and the same problems are likely to happen with WonderWagon.

You won’t be receiving your WonderFold wagon in a couple of days, but it won’t take all year either.

As of writing this WonderFold wagon review, the company has mentioned that there are shipping delays and orders will take longer than expected.

6. WonderFold Wagon Offers Payment Plans

What’s better than saving on something?

How about having the opportunity to pay for something every two weeks?

That’s what is possible with WonderWagon and one that some of you might want to take advantage of.

Not only will it save you from spending a lot of money at once, but it gives you that cushion for all the monthly expenses.

If possible, get on a monthly payment option, and you can spend as little as $132 initially.

Don’t forget that you can save 20% on WonderFold Wagon double strollers, as the company is in the middle of moving.

7. The WonderFold Wagon is Not Light

As a person who loves quality products, I’m always looking for products with the usual features.

In the case of WonderFold and especially strollers, lighter does not mean better, and it doesn’t mean that it’s not durable either.

If you plan to buy a WonderFold wagon, know that their smallest model (W1 original) is the lightest and weighs 33 lbs.

The most prominent model – the W4 Luxe- weights 58 lbs.

That’s some serious weight, especially if you consider that it’s not the best-shaped item to carry.

8. WonderFold Wagons Are NOT Disney Approved


One of the more important questions future WonderFold wagons have is where these bad boys are allowed.

According to Disney, “strollers larger than 31″ x 55″ and wagons are not permitted, as well as stroller wagons.”

This includes WonderWagon and its competitors.

If you plan on going to Disneyland ten times a year, then maybe you might want to hold off on the WonderFold wagon.

If you’re like the majority that will only see Disneyland once in their lifetime, I think it’s safe to say that the WonderFold wagon is a worthwhile investment.

Where to Buy the WonderFold Wagon

The WonderFold wagon can be found on Amazon, eBay, and other stores, but it’s best to purchase them directly from the company.

Not only are you able to deal directly with the owners, but you get 20% off on double strollers as well.

The WonderFold website is safe and secure, and they also give you the option of using Paypal.


WonderFold Wagon Review – Conclusion

I hope this WonderFold wagon review has helped you understand what this wagon stroller is all about.

I know it isn’t the most affordable piece to add to your parenting arsenal, but I think it’s worth the investment.

It will last for many years, your kids will love the space and comfort, and you’ll be thankful when you have to haul a lot of stuff, especially through different terrain.

I recommend the WonderFold wagon and so do thousands of other happy parents who left good WonderFold wagon reviews.

Thanks for reading!


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