11 Really Cool Baby Things That Will Make Life A Lot Easier

By John Cruz

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Ever look at other parents to see what kind of cool gear they have?

Well, I don’t.

At least, I think I don’t.

Now there are those occasional times when I notice something that just blows my mind because it is just that cool.

That’s when I have to do a double take and maybe even ask some questions as it is something that we might need/want.

“Wow, what in the world is that, and where can I get one?!”

Just when you think you have it all, there is always that one thing that comes along and has you thinking, how in the world did I not think of that?

As a parent, we are beyond busy that our brains can not think, and finding the latest and coolest parenting gear is the last thing on our minds.

And as a parent myself that is equally as busy, I have decided to throw some of the cool stuff that we have and/or encountered in our years of raising babies.

Some of them you might have already seen or have, but I’m sure many of you will be pretty impressed with what has been created over the years.

Check out these really cool baby stuff that might just make life that much easier.

1.) Portable Booster Seat/Bag Combo

The first product on our list is my absolute favorite.

It’s one that I knew nothing about up until I saw it in action at a restaurant we were dining in this one evening.

Forget about using a high chair or booster seat that even I, as the person not sitting in it, am grabbing like it is something that belongs in a chemical bag.

Well, guess what?

Now you can have your very own portable booster seat, which I’m sure every single one of us parents can use.

After we found this bad boy, even our regular high chair at home was given away and replaced, and we have found a better way to carry baby’s stuff all in one.

So if you are looking for that must-have cool baby product, the Mambo portable booster seat and backpack is the one.

2.) Bib With a Real Pocket


Bibs are a great invention, and it was even better when the pockets came along.

Or was it?

I really don’t think so because that little pocket can only do so much if it even did anything, as it was usually closed and caught one noodle at most.

Forget about what kind of bibs you’ve come across because the Happy Healthy Parent silicone bib has really done something different.

So, if you want a real serious bib with a pocket that works, then you need to add this to your list of cool baby things.

Just when you think the bib was enough, this had to come along.

3.) Pacifier Thermometer

Say what?!

Yup, it exists.

A pacifier that takes your kid’s temperature.

Who needs an under-the-arm and not-so-reliable thermometer when you have a binky that can do the job?

This was definitely not around when we had our first kid but wuddya know…they do now.

There are actually a few makers for this product, but we chose the Safety 1st brand as they are very trusted and have a lot of good reviews.

For under $20, you can have yourself a pacifier thermometer.

4.) A Serious Snot Sucker

I used to think that those bulb-looking nasal suckers were the best in the market until we got this bad boy.

The baby nasal aspirator by Nosefrida is an absolute game changer in the world of snot.

Forget about irritating your baby by sucking the crap out of their nose several times, as the Nosefrida will get the job done a lot faster and also get a lot more out.

Cleaning a baby’s runny nose can be really complicated, but with this cool snot sucker, you will never look at nasal clearing the same again.

It does require your actual mouth to get it out, but the way it is designed will keep things a lot more sanitary than it seems.

5.) Diaper Genie

Don’t do what we did and try to tough it out by throwing diapers all the way in the bathroom just to keep the odor away.

Only after child #3 did we decide to give the Diaper Genie a go.

Boy were we doing things wrong this whole time, and we should’ve got this a long time ago.

Then again, I don’t see how we never got one as a gift or something.

But then again, they probably assumed we had one.

I think that’s about enough “then again’s” as I’m sure you get my point.

If you want to have the easiest time with diapers and not have to try and seal them up so that it doesn’t stink up the room, you definitely need this.

The Diaper Genie has been around for years, but it will always be on our list of must-haves for parents as it is just really that good.

6.) Swing/Bouncer Combo

All babies are different, and this is nothing new to us parents.

Things can be really complicated when it comes to rockers, bouncers, and swings.

Some babies like bouncers while others like swings.

And, as a new parent, how in the world would you know what your baby likes?

Well, thanks to the mamaRoo by 4moms, we have a swing and bouncer combo.

Again, this was not something they had in my early parenting days, so be thankful that this actually exists, as it will definitely make life that much easier.

At around $220, I would think that is somewhat of a fair price.

So if that is in your budget, you can grab yourself this cool little thing on Amazon.com

7.) The Best Baby Monitor

Choosing a baby monitor is no easy task these days, and that might be a good problem to have.

Not all baby monitors are created equal, and the Nanit baby monitor can prove it.

Sure they have the Samsung Bright Vies that looks great and has HD but is that really all a baby monitor can do?

Get yourself a real baby monitor and try the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor, as I’m sure you will like what they have to offer.

Again, just when you think a baby monitor was perfect just the way it is, someone has to come around and change all that.

There’s nothing wrong with change as long as it is for the better, which is what Nanit has done.

8.) A Baby Shusher

Don’t judge a book by its cover on this one.

I know it might sound a little on the not believable side, but you have got to try this.

Introducing the Baby Shusher.

Many of us experience infants that seem to cry nonstop, and we don’t even know what to do.

Picking them up and “shushing” them can only work for so long; that is why we have the Baby Shusher.

Unlike a regular old sound machine that has the sounds of waves crashing and whatnot, the Baby Shusher engages a baby’s natural calming reflex.

I know it sounded great, but I am no doctor; that is just what they say.

And by “they,” I mean Dr. Harvey Karp, the author of “Happiest Baby on the Block.”

So I guess you can say that he knows a thing or two about calming a baby.

I, too, would think that this is a bunch of baloney, but with all the positive reviews on Amazon, you have to at least give this a try.

Unless, of course, you don’t like beauty rest.

9.) Boon Grass Drying Rack

Drying racks do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and they’re great.

But, when it comes to dealing with baby things, you can expect a lot of dropping and losing of these little parts and pieces.

Then you need to replace a whole product rather than purchasing that missing part because they don’t sell them separately.

All that can happen unless you grab yourself a Boon Grass drying rack.

So simple but again a very smart idea from people that know what we parents need.

And, of course, it is one of few really cool baby things.

10.) Car Seat Tray

Sometimes (or more often), the simplest things are always the best, and that is what I think about this car seat tray.

Forget about throwing your phone into the back seat to keep that toddler entertained.

Give them this car seat tray and let them entertain themselves with actual toys.

Not once did I ever think I would ever encourage more toy time, but I guess that’s where we are these days.

Anything that will get a kid away from a mobile device of some sort is always a winning situation.

So if you want to do just that or have some kind of play space while you’re on the go, this is definitely one cool thing to have that will help with many other things.

Not to mention that this comes with all kinds of pockets, storage space, and a bonus snake game.

It is also easy to clean and folds away so that you don’t have this huge pile of I don’t know what.

11.) A Really Simple Baby Stroller

As a fan of simplicity and functionality, I know that not all baby strollers are created equal, and it is not the easiest thing to find the best baby stroller.

Now when it comes to doing things the simple way, I usually recommend an umbrella stroller, but there is just so much that it can do, although it is the easiest thing to set up and put away.

That’s what I used to think until I came across the Baby Jogger City Mini.

With the durability, maneuverability, and qualities of a regular stroller but the simplicity of an umbrella stroller, this bad boy gives you the best of both worlds.

Setting it up is as simple as popping it open, and breaking it down is as easy as pulling a handle.

All that, with a bigger compartment than our Britax, I must say that this is one cool and awesome stroller.

So if you are in the market for a nice solid stroller, this is it.

Conclusion – Get Yourself Some Cool Baby Things

Not everyone can get all these cool baby things, but I hope this list has helped you accomplish some of them.

We will definitely be updating this list as we come across more cool gear so remember to subscribe to the dad daily for updates on this as well as some great reads, discounts, and all the buying help you need.

And when you think that you might have a silly idea that will work and other parents will enjoy, please get out there and don’t hold back, as your ideas can be worth a lot of money.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to take a deep breath whenever you feel like becoming a better parent is not the easiest thing in the world.


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