Weber Spirit II E-210 Review – 7 Things You Should Know

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This Weber Spirit II E-210 review will give you everything you need to know, so you can decide for yourself if, in fact, this is the grill you want/need.

BBQ grill sales have gone up tremendously since 2015, and they probably won’t go any lower.

Grills get used, abused, and eventually fall apart, causing us to look for new ones.

Or, our living conditions change, and we need a different kind of grill.

Whether smaller or bigger, we need one that fits our current living conditions.

Finding the perfect BBQ grill seems like an easy task until you see what’s out there.

Some have the features you like, but they can’t fit where you want them.

It would be best to consider so many things before buying your next grill, as it is not as easy as it seems.

You might be like me and are looking for something small enough to fit on an apartment patio yet powerful enough to sear that steak you can’t really afford.

If that’s what you’re thinking, the Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill might just be the one.

But there’s a lot to learn about this grill, and I want to show you what I liked and didn’t like so that you can make a better buying decision.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Review – Product Overview

Weber Spirit II E-210

The Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill is exactly what you want for your apartment or condo. It is larger than most patio style grills and will last a whole lot longer too. It’s price is very reasonable and it does the job of other, much larger, gas grills.

Product Brand: Weber

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 389

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:
How to assembly the Weber Spirit II outdoor Gas Grill. My Father Day gift.

This video is about Weber Spirit II outdoor Gas Grill E 310 assembly of the Weber Spirit II outdoor Gas Grill. It was very easy to assembly, no power tools n…

Overall, I love the Spirit II E-210, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a gas grill that can fit in small places, just like your patio.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Review – Before the Unboxing

So, I am finally getting around to doing this Weber Spirit II E-210 review.

I’ve had the grill for several months now, so I can give you more insight into how durable this thing really is.

I am waiting on my camera to take better photos, but I think these pics will do for now.

Let me just start this Weber Spirit II E-210 review with how everything went from when I got this grill from the store.

Yes, the time before I decided to unbox this grill.

How I Bought the Weber Spirit II E-210


Without any intentions of buying a grill, I decided to take our awesome and swift Toyota Corolla to get the necessities for our house.

Lo and behold, they had the same grill that I’ve always wanted.

Okay, maybe not wanted, but it was one of Weber’s smaller grills that my patio wanted.

It is so high in demand that it’s always sold out every time I go to the store.

“Oh sir, I’m sorry, but someone just bought the last one.”

That’s the usual nonsense I heard when I inquired about the same grill almost every time I went to that store.

Not that day, though.

The same day, I purchased the Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill.

Is it me, or is that a really long name that you’d rather not want to say over and over again?

Anyways, I decided to purchase this grill, and it could barely fit in the shopping cart.

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to go on there, but I managed to fit it in a weird position anyway.

I then paid and pushed her out to put it in my car, just to find out that it couldn’t fit.

I unboxed the grill right there in the parking lot and put it in my car, one piece at a time.

I know it wasn’t the best idea, but I wasn’t about to drive back just to get it later.

All that craziness came to an end, and I guess it’s cool because now I can put together an even better Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill review.

Now, let me tell you what you can expect if you decide to purchase this grill.

Pros & Cons of the Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill

Unboxing & Assembly

I don’t have a pretty video of me unboxing the Weber Spirit II E-210 grill.

The unboxing of the Spirit II E-210 happened in a parking lot, and I had to leave the box at the store.

The box could not fit in my car, so you can kiss that box goodbye.

All the pieces were put in separately, and even the main part of the grill barely fit.

This was still no easy task, but I made it happen.

You should know several other things about this grill before buying one, so let’s go over that next.

1. The Weber Spirit II E-210 Is Heavy

The Weber Spirit II E-210 is not light.

I’m not the strongest of dudes, but I can carry some weight.

If you plan to get this grill unassembled, be prepared to lift a box that’s over 2’x2′ wide, with the most awkward feel to it.

Then again, the real problem is that you’re supposed to have two people carry the box.

Another problem is that Amazon weighs just 20 pounds when it’s more like 100 lbs.

I recommend you consider getting it delivered if you don’t want to deal with the same problem I had.

Although the Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill has some weight, it’s an excellent sign that you are getting a good quality product.

2. The Weber Spirit II E-210 is Not That Small


If you’re like me and you’re looking for a grill that can fit on a patio or some small space, that’s probably why you’re looking to buy the Spirit II E-210 model.

The grill is small, but it’s not the smallest grill out there.

It is best for someone looking for a grill that is not too big but still has the cooking capability of a more robust BBQ grill.

If you’re trying to fit it on a balcony that can only fit two people, this is not the best grill for you.

I mean, it has wheels for a reason.

If you have a small area to work with, you might want to consider getting a more portable grill.

3. The E-210 Only Has ONLY Two Burners

This is one of the features I knew nothing about and one that would’ve influenced my decision more had I known how it worked.

Lucky for you, I want to explain how the burners and grates work.

The Weber Spirit II E-210 grill has two burners and three grates.

This means that two grates will be over the two burners, leaving one grate without a burner.

It didn’t make sense at first, but I got over it after a while.

The middle grate will be without a burner, but with technology, the middle of the grill still gets heat.

You might find yourself cooking on the sides of the grill more (because the burners are on the sides), but don’t be afraid to grill like you normally would.

The middle gets as much heat as the rest of the grill, so pretend I never told you about this part.

4. Assembly Can Take Some Time

I have assembled a million things since this dang Coronavirus hit the scene, and the Weber Spirit E-210 gas grill is one of them.

I figured it shouldn’t take me that long to assemble the Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill with only a few parts.

The average user takes around 45 minutes to an hour to set up this grill, and that’s about right.

For me, it was the beginning of the whole assembly process.

They wanted me to put a part that didn’t fit in the wrong place.

I’m not sure if it was just me or if this happened to others as well.

Don’t be shocked if you can’t understand the first part of the instructions, and go with what you feel should be done.

For a better explanation of how to assemble your Weber Spirit II E-210 grill, check out the video up top.

5. The Fuel Gauge is NOT Electronic


One of the cooler selling points of the E-210 is the fuel gauge.

I thought it was super cool, and I must admit that it had a bigger impact on my buying decision.

However, this gauge is not electronic, and I’m not sure why I thought it was.

It is there, and it uses the weight of the gas tank to tell you if it is running low.

It works and is still a cool feature; be aware of how it works.

6. The Built-in Thermometer Works


The Weber Spirit II E-210 grill has a built-in thermometer.

Don’t all grills that cost a kazillion dollars have one?

Sure, but not all of them work or at least work flawlessly.

With the E-210 grill, the thermometer is really awesome.

I have owned several grills in my grilling career, and I don’t pay much attention to these thermometers because they don’t usually help.

I am always aware of the grill’s temperature with this grill, and it helps me cook the best BBQ.

By best, I mean not burnt.

7. It Comes With a 10 Year Warranty


Warranties are great, but not many are worth it.

Just like a car’s warranty.

You get 5-6 years, and absolutely nothing happens to your car until the warranty expires.

Something similar happens with much smaller items.

We get a product and forget about the warranty because it’s not that valuable to us due to its more affordable pricing.

Now, when it comes to something like a Weber BBQ grill, you can bet that a warranty will be helpful.

With Weber, though, they don’t give you peace of mind until it starts falling apart.

They give you peace of mind for a decade.

I mean, it’s just a BBQ grill, but it does show their confidence in their products.

The Difference Between the Spirit I & Spirit II E-210

Before you buy the Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill, do keep in mind that this grill has two versions.

One is the Spirit, and then the Spirit II, which is the same grill in this review.

The regular Spirit E-210 grill has a door for storage, while the Spirit II E-210 has just an opening so that you can set things on top.

The wheels are also different.

As you can see, the Spirit has four small wheels, while the Spirit II has two larger wheels with two legs.

Personally, I like the newer Weber Spirit II E-210 grill, but you can still purchase the Spirit I if you feel the need for smaller tires.

Final Verdict – Great Buy

Besides the extremely long name, I have no issues with the Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill.

The grill is HEAVY duty and will outlast any grill out there.

Instead of wasting your money on a grill that costs half the price that will last for two years, max, get something that will last and give you the best quality food you can get.

Weber is one of the most trusted names for grills, and I would always recommend them over anything else.

I hope this Weber Spirit II E-210 grill review has been of some help to you, and I hope you can make a better decision.

Thanks for reading, and happy grilling.


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