What to Expect When Expecting [For Dads]

By John Cruz

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If you want to know what to expect when expecting, we’ve got you covered.

I know how it feels to hear the words, “We’re pregnant”!

Those words say a lot, mean a lot, and will change your life forever.

I don’t care if you are an immature kid who could not care less about anyone else but themselves.

There will be a lot of growing up to do once the baby comes.

What you used to do when you had no one to worry about becomes a thing of the past.

You will no longer just go as you please and no longer do many things that single people do.

That’s, of course, if you plan on being a better parent compared to most of what society has created.

Now, if you plan on being a deadbeat, grab your hand and just slap yourself.

For those of you who are ready to take on the responsibility of pre-birth craziness, this post is for you.

You’ve taken the are you prego quiz, found out you’re expecting, and now you want to take things a little further.

You pretty much know what to expect, but do you really, really know what is coming?

Probably not, and that’s what I want to “share” with you today.


What to Expect When Expecting – Before Baby Comes

Many things will happen before you bring new life into the world, and no one will ever see it coming.

Blink or not, it just happens without you even knowing, and that’s just how it is.

For you moms, your body will change, and we already know all that stuff, but what about dad?

No one ever really focuses on the man who is very much a part of the process, and just like everything else, that’s just how it is.

But thankfully so, I am looking out for you gentlemen who are on the receiving end of all this change that is going on.

I’m sure you are probably not curious about what will happen to you and your life, but let me just be the bearer of “bad” news.

Who knows, maybe you can prevent some of this stuff, unlike me, who didn’t know any better.

1. Time Waits For No One


The minute you find out you’re pregnant, time will only go by faster.

First, you’re at the clinic for your first checkup, and next thing you know, you’re holding a baby.

Before you even know it, your child will become a little person who talks back and actually has a personality of their own.

Time is going to fly so please try to enjoy every second of this phase as it will be gone sooner than you think.

I didn’t know this, and if I had only known, I would have done things a lot differently.

Every stage in your child’s life is precious, so take things one day at a time and enjoy every single moment.

2. Things Won’t Be Easy

I’m sure you enjoyed yourself before getting to the pregnant phase, and that’s great.

Now she’s pregnant, and things have changed.

The panic, the happiness, and all the other emotions that went on just to find out that you are expecting are now gone.

You might be over it, or you might still be in denial.

Whatever the case may be, it is time to understand that shit things just got real.

You’re going to be a dad now, so keep all that immature vulgar for the younger kids with no responsibility.

But as long as you can understand the challenge, you will be fine.

That clear understanding will help compared to others who have no clue as to what they just got themselves into.

3. Your Physical Health Will Be In Jeopardy


Have you ever heard the phrase “dad bod“?

Well, that’s something to look forward to (or not), as it usually comes with becoming a parent.

This physical change for the worst hits you hardest when your better half gets pregnant.

She eats more and is feeding for two, but for some weird reason, you gain weight too.

Getting in and trying to stay in shape becomes much harder to do, and it will show.

Usually within that once a six-pack area.

For you younger dads, you might be able to get away with things this time around, but good luck when you hit your 30s.

4. She Will Be Beyond Emotional

There’s nothing more sensitive than a pregnant woman.

I can not even explain the emotional roller coaster my wife was on, but I can tell you that it sucks.

One second, she’s happy, and the next thing you know, she’s crying over I don’t know what.

Like, I really don’t know what she’s crying about, and she doesn’t either.

Sad movies aren’t recommended, and you will have to find out a lot of the other stuff on your own.

I guess they are giving you a preview of what’s to come.

Who knows, but just be ready for the emotional weirdness because it’s coming.

5. She Will Change Physically


All women are different but not that different when it comes to personality.

When it comes to the physical aspect of a woman, they are different.

I won’t go over the sizes as I’m sure we all know what they are.

Now, depending on your other half’s physique, you will likely see some changes.

That Coca-Cola body that you saw at the club might just not be there anymore.

It might disappear during the pregnancy and may or may not return after the baby arrives.

Even at that more changes will come after she gives birth.

Whatever happens, I think you will have a baby to worry about, and none of that should even matter.

6. There is Going to be a Human in Her

This part of the pregnancy is my fav.

In the early stages, the most you will get is a bump growing.

Later on down the line, there will be some movement.

Then baby will start to kick and move a lot more.

You will see them move around as if they were swimming and wanting to come out.

They will look like an alien, so don’t freak out.

This part is absolutely amazing, and I’m sure you won’t forget this part of the pregnancy.

Try letting the baby listen to some music so they can actually hear what’s going on outside.

Get attached because soon enough, you’ll be playing catch with your future son or brushing Barbie’s hair with your future daughter.

7. She May Have Morning Sickness


This sucks.

Mostly for her but for you as well.

She will be getting up a lot of the time and in the restroom blowing chunks.

Not the kind of throwing up that occurs after a long night but the kind that comes with being pregnant.

She will most likely be in the restroom when you wake up and probably sitting by the toilet waiting to throw up.

This is very much expected, so be ready to be by her side (literally), in this gross but normal situation.

8. She Might (or Will) Hate You

Good freakin luck.

When a woman gets pregnant, there is some kind of craziness that comes with the package.

You might have been that person she always wanted to see and be with before she got pregnant, but all that can change overnight.


The sight of you is disgusting, and she wants nothing to do with you.

Try to comfort her, and you might just get the back of her hand.

A helmet might work, but chances are that you might piss her off even more.

Stay on your side of the bed and consider getting another blanket.

You’re going to need it.

9. She Might Love You, Then Hate You (Mood Swings)


First comes the backhand and then the “I’m so sorry, and I love you” crap.

They think it’s cool to do, and some of you men probably do too.

Not me.

I think it sucks, and I think they need to know that it is totally not cool.

How about letting us know when you’re going to be grouchy so that we can leave the room and return when you’re in the mood?

That’s what would happen in fantasy land but completely opposite in the real world.

These mood swings are not controllable, and all I can say is good luck.

10. You Will Have to Grow Up Fast

Responsibility is a must in this world, and it is even more critical with what comes with being a parent.

There is no better time to prepare for a baby than before he or she comes out.

There are many things you need, and you will need to decide where you will be raising your baby.

For younger parents, you probably will be with mommy and daddy, and that’s okay.

Do what will work best for you and your little family.

Consider getting a better job and one that can provide a little more has some health insurance, and has all those little perks of working a regular J-O-B.

You might want to start a blog in the meantime and build something for the future that can have you spending more time with your baby.

I did it and have now been able to work from home for the past 6 years.

You can, too, so do check out this guide if you are interested in starting one.

11. Sex Might Change


Remember that passionate, I want to rip your clothes off kind of sex that you had that most likely created a baby?

Yeah, that might not exist from the time she conceived.

Maybe, just maybe, after she gives birth, she will get that passion for some good lovemaking.

Don’t count on it, but do not feel bad while she is pregnant and not wanting any of you.

It’s expected.

Sometimes, she might want you more, but that’s for the luckier dads out there.

The change may or may not be in your favor, so hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Conclusion – Know What to Expect When Expecting and Be Ready For Change

Your life is about to change, and there is nothing you can do about it.

You do have the decision to be responsible (or not), but I’m sure you know what’s best.

The fact that you are on this post says a lot about you, so do consider staying on the right path.

This child will change things for the better, so embrace it and enjoy it while you can.

As I stated earlier, time will fly, and it waits for no one.

The changing diaper phase will take just a couple of years, so don’t worry; know that it will eventually stop.

Until next time, congratulations and good fricken luck.

Be willing to accept change and always make it a point to learn.

Look at what your parents did and how they were, and do what works best for you.

Not them.

Make changes that you feel can be made and adopt what they taught that you can agree with.

You got this.

BTW: I didn’t even know there was a movie called “What to Expect When Expecting,” did you?


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