Why are Dads Indecisive and is it a Good or Bad Thing?

Why are dads indecisive? Are most of them even indecisive? According to psychologists, about 20% of adults are indecisive. With such a number, how many of them are men, and then how many of them are dads? Broken down, it seems like it’s not the biggest of numbers, but you also have to put into … Read more


Are Dads Better Than Moms? These 3 Reasons Explain Why

Are dads better than moms? It’s one question that most will never really understand, and that’s okay. I’m a dad, but I’m never one to be biased when it comes to matters that don’t come with any concrete answers. I have four children, and I don’t favor one over the other when it comes to … Read more


21 Cool Hobbies For Dads That Are Actually Not Boring

There are many hobbies for men, but these hobbies are specifically for dads. They are fun, some are unique, and they will all have you wondering why you didn’t pick up the hobby long ago. Some I have personally adopted, will soon adopt, or were just an idea I was contemplating but never got around … Read more


5 Legit Reasons Why Dads Are So Weird

There isn’t one specific reason why dads are so weird, and I’m cool with that. But, why are they so weird to begin with? Typing that raised an eyebrow, and I immediately got defensive. Me? Weird? No, you’re weird. Then I got back to my senses and realized that we are weird for a reason, … Read more


7 Best Books For Expecting Dads [First Time Pregnancy]

There are way too many books for expecting dads that you’ll probably be more confused if I throw them all at you. To avoid such a catastrophe, I have narrowed it down to just 7. One is all you need and I think less is better in this case. As a new dad, you never … Read more


15 Things Dads Should Do to Prepare For a New Baby

Everyone reacts differently when you find out you’re pregnant. The typical and more responsible are happy and can’t wait for the baby to come. Some didn’t plan for it to happen but congratulations, you’re about to bring someone into this world. Then there are those babies having babies that don’t even know how to wipe … Read more


7 Obvious Signs You Are Ready to Be a Father

Being a father is not something you can do well, without having any kids. However, just like mom, there are several indicators that can show you that a man is actually ready to become a father. No, they don’t get a baby bump and no they don’t start throwing up in the morning. Things are … Read more