Why are Dads Indecisive and is it a Good or Bad Thing?

By John Cruz

Why are dads indecisive?

Are most of them even indecisive?

According to psychologists, about 20% of adults are indecisive.

With such a number, how many of them are men, and then how many of them are dads?

Broken down, it seems like it’s not the biggest of numbers, but you also have to put into account the number of dads.

Without trying to take any more brain cells from your tiny brain, I want to explain why most believe that dads are indecisive.

I find myself being one of them, so allow me to explain.

Why Dads Are Indecisive

As a father and one that considers himself indecisive, I want to explain why I am the way I am.

Some of you dads might be experiencing the same thing, so let’s talk about decisions and how we go about making them.

One might think that the man of the house should make the best decisions and they should also be quick to make them.

I beg to differ (at least in most situations), and I want to show you why.

Here are the best reasons why certain dads are so indecisive.

1. Dads Prioritize Safety

As the head of the household, dads have a huge responsibility.

If they seem to be indecisive, just know that they are trying to make the best decision that will keep their family safe.

If dad makes the wrong decision, who else is there to blame?

six-year-old Acacia?

Not so much and this is probably the biggest reason why dads are indecisive.

And, if you want to be a better parent, you should also consider safety yourself.

2. Dads Are Role Models

Dads are the figure that their sons want to follow and that puts a lot of pressure on them.

What if they did this wrong or they didn’t look so cool doing something else?

It’s already hard enough to impress your friends and family, so imagine what it takes to impress your kids.

Dads have a reputation to protect and when it comes to doing it in front of their children, you can bet that they won’t be quick to make any impulse decisions.

3. Dads Want What’s Best For Their Children

Don’t get being generous mixed up with spoiling your children.

There’s a big difference and one reason why dads can be indecisive.

Kids want a lot of things and that’s not going to change.

What dads end up doing is taking forever on deciding whether or not to give their children something they want.

Heck, they can even say no to something and end up giving in within the next 5 minutes.

Although we can’t make up our minds, we at least have the intention of giving our children what’s best for them.

4. Dads Try to Be Perfect

Do you think it was easy to pick a baby name?

Not for me.

Unless you’re following one of your parent’s, grandparent’s, or great-great-grandparent’s name, deciding on a name for a baby is not easy.

It’s the same when picking a diaper bag and it isn’t any different when choosing diapers.

Parenting is already a task in itself, and the man of the house has to try and do their best.

So if you feel that they are indecisive, remember that they are always trying to make things perfect.

5. Dads Are Only Human

Lastly, please don’t forget that dads are no less of a being than you are.

Whether you are a child or the other half, remember that dads are only human.

They eat, breathe, and make mistakes just like everyone else.

They might not make decisions like most regular people, but sit back and think about how many good decisions they have made.

If you did, you will see that there’s a reason why your family is still intact.

If not, you might want to look at yourself (dad) and try to make some adjustments and work towards being a better dad.

Dads Can Be Indecisive and That’s Okay

So, why are dads really indecisive?

I can’t decide on an answer just yet.

What I do know is that there is a positive side to all this decisiveness and we should embrace it while we can.

Dads do a lot more than we think and although the decisions might take a lot longer than expected, there’s usually a reason for the madness.

I hope you can see why some dads are indecisive and why they act the way they do.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to give the dads in your life a big hug.

Unless it’s still covidly restricted, just give him bones.


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